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Kampun HD100 Board Features

Why Kampun HD100 Board ?

Features of Kampun HD100 joint filler board:
1. Flexible                        95% recovery after deflection (compression), as it is one of best feature for any expansion joint filler board desired
2. Weathering Test           Joint filler board is resilient and does not distort under low load transfer from wet concrete

3. Closed cell structure    Kampun HD100 joint filler board extremely low water absorption thus non deteriorating and durable

4. Bitumen free                Opposite to bituminous filler board it is Non-Staining

5. Chemically Resistant    As any EJF board needs to be Inert to most dilute acids, resistant to oil and hydrocarbons and it is very suitable for EJF applications.

6. Hygienic                       Rot proof and bacteria resistant

7. Simplicity                     Unlike the bituminous filler board it is very easy to handle and install it. Less handling loss and doesn’t get affected by mishandling.

8. Temperature                Accepts temperature cycle with minimal load transfer