Bitumen joint filler boards and HD100 boards

Bitumen joint filler boards and HD100 boards comparision:

Our polymer based joint filler boards are very much features rich. Commonly known shalitex boards as well as jolly boards are bitumenous boards. Bitumen joint filler is traditionally known to each end users. Once you will use our product you will never use the bitumen boards. We have compared each feature and tried to explain the precise difference between them. To know the difference between our polymer based aka duraboard hd100 filler boards and the bitumenous filler, refer following.

Sr. No.Features

KAMPUN HD100 joint filler

Bitumen Impregnated Filler Board

1Compression recovery / deflectionMinimum 95%Very less, around 70%.
2Raw materials usedPolymers and additivesBitumen + Sugar can wastage + additives. Some trade names are shalitex boards, jolly boards, flexcell boards.
3Normally handlingNot affectedCare must be taken else considerable losses and damage
4Cell structure and benefitsClosed cells structure which avoids water absorptionNot closed cell, hence it absorbs water and affected its life.
5Life of materialsLongerShorter
6UV stabilisationUV stabilisationNo data available
7Bacterial/fungas resistanceVery goodNot sure
8Weight of productsLight weightBitumen joint filler is comparatively heavy
9Overall costVery economicalCostlier
10Product sizesVery large selection of sheet sizes:
1mtr x 2mtr, 1200 x 1800mm, 1500 x 1600mm
In India, only one size 1200 x 1200mm available
11StainsNo stains hence very comfotable to the applicatorCare must be taken else stains would affect.
12CuttingVery easily by normal kitchen knifeNot easy and wastage
13ConclusionExcellent very modern product which is very well performing and economical.Cannot peform well as it is very conventional and old product.

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