XLPE Foam or PE Foam

XLPE Foam or Cross Linking Poly Ethylene Foam

Kampun manufactures cross linking PE or XLPE foams. As name suggests it is a poly ethylene foam in the form of sheets or boards as well as rolls too. This XLPE foam product has large cross linked closed cells which are chemically cross linked. There are mix of large (40 times) to very less (6 times) expanded cells. We can produce maximum thickness as much as 100mm. It looks very beautiful and when we touch it imparts “feel good” experience. Poly ethylene foam gives an excellent dimensional stability. Therefore it tends to regain its original shape after released from compression.

There are different types of qualities available. This quality will be changing as per density as well as hardness. Even we offer customised specs too to meet any customer’s bulk orders. Normally, 30Kg per cubic meter as well as 40Kg per cubic meter are market standard ones. You can ask for specific colours too.


Insulating material, climate & chemical resistant
Due to cross linking, shock absorbing, lower & higher temperature resistant
Moisture barrier also has excellent floatation
Light weight
Large colour choices and simple to use


This type of foam is a multi purpose material and therefore it has very large prospects for its usage. Here we list few of them but not limited to it.

1. Construction joints
2. Automobiles parts in addition to car interior
3. Promoting: Optical handheld tools, electronic products, medical parts.
4. Research items, puzzle and helmet in addition to bag cushioning.
5. Health and fitness: Yoga mat, sports and gym mattress
6. Sports: Buoys, swimming training boards, life saving jackets along with surfing boards.
7. Home living : Baby washer pad, new born baby mattress, protection material for furniture, sound insulation.

Futhermore, we recommend to go for this latest foam product where perfomance is more important along with cost is a dicisive factor. Please feel free to contact us for any query, if any.