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We enjoy our business in each and every moment of the day. It is always a fun to serve customers’ requirements. Sometimes it is also challenging but that makes us more focused on our goal, i.e. customers’ satisfaction. We love the customers’ feedback either can be positive or negative since it helps us make more customer centric approach.
We are currently into expansion joint filler boards aka shalitex board or jolly board in general, yoga mats, EVA foam sheets, EPE backer rod, Floor protect sheets as well as XLPE foam sheets.


About us

Kampun Group consists of Kampun Polymers as well as Kampun Industries. It produces and supplies wide range of foam goods. They are expansion joint filler (EJF) board, EVA foam sheets, Yoga mat, Backer rod, Floor Protect sheets. Our group always learns about clients’ needs and help them fix their issues. One of our product is result of that only. We have created the solution and the new product too. We proudly replace bitumen joint filler board by our polymer based joint filler board. Kampun educates and explains end users the difference between both types of joint filler boards.

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Bitumen joint filler boards and HD100 boards

Bitumen joint filler boards and HD100 boards comparision:

Our polymer based joint filler boards are very much features rich. Commonly known shalitex boards as well as jolly boards are bitumenous boards. Bitumen joint filler is traditionally known to each end users. Once you will use our product you will never use the bitumen boards. We have compared each feature and tried to explain the precise difference between them. To know the difference between our polymer based aka duraboard hd100 filler boards and the bitumenous filler, refer following.

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Since inception of our business we have initiated with plastic products only and we add new products too in that domain only. We have products ranging from generic type to very specialised applications of products too.

Majority of products are thermoplastics which are solid sheets, foam sheets, pipes, pipe fittings. Furthermore, for piping solutions we work with industry recognised experts and leaders. Since foam products are core important products whereas the piping systems are marketed only. For foam products, it consists of different types of EVA as well as PE foam products.

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What is filler board? or more other questions? You will find answers here. Just contact us now!

KAMPUN is the specialised supplier of foam products including expansion joint filler boards, EVA foams, XLPE foam, backer rods, and floor protect sheets. The same is trusted by many billionaire business houses. Learn more how KAMPUN can assist you and your business.

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