Welcome for duraboard hd100, expansion joint filler, shalitex board, bitumen joint filler board and many more products.We strongly believe - Quality is a journey and Customer Satisfaction is our ultimate goal.

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Kampun is very young company, as it is only 11 years since its inception. But in business we are customer-oriented only. In addition, our primary goal is customer satisfaction by delivering valued products and solutions. Contrarily, we don’t believe to become vendor or suppliers, but becoming partners for their supply-chains. Further, best quality, customised solutions, least delivery time, competitive prices, customers first- approach are our key strengths.

First of all, strategically located at very easily accessible on national highway. Therefore our logistics are well connected to all modes of shipping – by surface, air and sea. Most noteworthy, we primarily have presence on pan India. We are present in cities include Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, New Delhi, Kolkatta, Guwhati, Hyderabad, Visakhapatnam, Surat, Rajkot, Ahmedabad, Vadodara as well as many more locations.


Normally we keep stock of fast moving goods. In some instances we have to produce then too we take minimum time.


Quality is a journey, not a destination. Apart from using different quality standards, we keep checks for customisation.


Count on us! We consider each customer and each order very important. In this global market, reliability is very crucial.


Majority of our products are used in construction, packaging, health and fitness, sports, automobiles and many more industries.

Kampun HD100 Filler Board

Most importantly, Ultra modern expansion joint filler board produced from polymers. It is also known as duraboard hd100 as well as capcel board. In addition to good weather resistance, it has very good compression recovery.

The properties of EVA foam exhibit outstanding temperature resistance, resilience, cost-effective solutions. Therefore, it is considered versatile foam for many applications.

This is a traditional joint filler board. Most importantly, it is regarded as environment friendly because the raw materials used are made from cane sugar. The common people also consider as shalitex board.

Customer Review

We are honoured for working with KAMPUN who seemed to have all the answers to our questions about their products. Therefore I would highly recommend them who made our procurement so easy and convenient. Thank you KAMPUN.
Jay Phogat
Business Owner
It was a pleasure having business with KAMPUN. From the first transaction, we were guided so correctly and the overall first transaction was very smooth. Then after we have many transactions completed satisfactorily. The most important part is that KAMPUN is regarded as one of our business team now. Thank you for all those efforts and cooperation.
Maya Huste
Business Owner

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