Backer Rod

Backer rod or Expanded Poly Ethylene rod

Backer rod is also known as EPE rod or back up rod or sometimes PP rod as well. The same is produced from Poly Ethylene as base materials. This foam type rod is closed cell structure foam filler in circular round shape profile. It helps effective bondage of sealant with masonry, aluminium or different layers. Our backer rod helps maintain correct thickness of sealant at the joint’s centre.


  1. No shrinkage, additionally superb resilience.

  2. Because of Closed cell structure it has tremendous water resistance.

  3. Suitable for all weather, though inert to major acids due to PE.

  4. Easy to install.

  5. Light weight, as a result easy to handle.

  6. Large range of sizes available.

Expansion joint filler board drawing

Let's see its usage:

  • In expnsion joint along with expansion joint filler boards, it is used for joint filling in constructions

  • Underground cables

  • Pre-fab constructions, Glass wall constructions

  • Footwears

  • Pre-cast panel joints, Glazing joints, Isolation joints

  • Windows and door perimeters

Backer rod, epe rod, back up rod

Supplies availability:

Outside diameter: 5mm to 80mm
Colour: Normally white and grey, custom colours are available too.
Standard density is 20Kg per CubMtr. In addition, we can produce higher too.


Outside Diameter, in mm.Meters per Bundle.Roll of backer rod, epe rod, back up rod

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