Duraboard HD100 or alike joint filler boards and its excellent benefits

Duraboard HD100 is a superior joint filler from Supreme. Kampun HD100 joint filler board is also equivalent to the former joint filler board. Both are very modern engineering products.

In one estimation that in Indian economy, in the infrastructure sector over the next five to ten years very considerable amount of investment about to concentrate on serious notes. For the same, the sectors like power, roads, bridges, city infrastructure, ports, airports, and telecommunications would be on the front.

To meet construction industry’s new challenges and new usage of different technologies, there is a always demand for better performing products. At the same time, in the Indian market, the balance of quality along with cost-effectiveness for such products are a serious challenge. In addition to the same, the gap between the requirements of the construction industry and solutions available remains unfulfilled.

Kampun group of companies are actively helping to the customers for their above mentioned products. One of prime focused product is HD100 joint filler board, sometimes known as Duraboard HD100 too, especially for expansion joints application, to replace less effective bitumen boards.

In our manufacturing process we have always stressed for maintain the quality at every phase of the production process.

The expansion joint is a structural designed part, where the purpose is to absorb the heat-induced expansion as well as contraction of various construction materials, to absorb vibration, to hold certain parts together, or to allow movement due to ground settlement or earthquakes. The whole year, infrastructure projects, concrete slabs, and pipelines expand / contract due to thermal variations in the atmosphere. If expansion joints were not used in those designs, the intense heat in the summer would expand the materials in a structure and the structure would bear cracks. Duraboard HD100 (earlier known as SILFLEX/ CAPCELL HD100) or any equivalent compressible filler board  are especially designed to be used as an expansion joint filler in expansion or isolation joint, where a readily compressible low load transfer joint filler is required. It exhibits superb compression-recovery property makes, therefore it is considered the most suitable product for this application. HD100 expansion joint filler is a high performance, pre-moulded compressible filler board, closed cell joint filler material available in the board or sheets form. This is very light weight, in contrast to bituminous board. This makes it very easy to handle and install. Being polymer based, it is rot proof, bacteria resistant.

Main features of duraboard HD100 joint filler boards are:

  • Bitumen free -can be cut in any size with a normal knife
  • Excellent compression-recovery of 95% after compression up to 50%
  • Polymer based – hence it won’t deteriorate also over a long period
  • Resilient and does not distort under normal load from wet concrete
  • Being polymers based it is non-staining.

Uses of KAMPUN HD100 joint filler:

  • Expansion joints or isolation joints in building, concrete structure
  • Isolation joints or expansion joints in concrete roads, taxi- parking areas, industrial flooring etc
  • Joints in bridges, decks, water retaining and water excluding structures etc
  • Isolation joints in machine foundation.
  • Airport runways, approach roads

It is massively used in PQC; various structures for NHAI, AAI, Real Estate and British Specification and specification for highways works clause 1015. There are many specifications, standards like IS 1838, ASTM are conforming.

Kampun HD100 Filler Board
KAMPUN HD100 joint filler board – expansion joint filler board

Few Government organizations still hesitate to use the new generation products and follow old specification of using bitumen based boards and cork sheets which disintegrate over a period of time. Bitumen board absorbs water and hardly recovers once compressed – it defeats the purpose of application. It absorbs water and oozes bitumen thereby staining the structure. Kampun has a number of satisfied customers (government, semi- government and private) who have replaced  bitumen boards/ corks sheets with our modern joint filler boards after learning the advantages of HD100 joint filler boards.