Since inception of our business we have initiated with plastic products only and we add new products too in that domain only. We have products ranging from generic type to very specialised applications of products too.

Majority of products are thermoplastics which are solid sheets, foam sheets, pipes, pipe fittings. Furthermore, for piping solutions we work with industry recognised experts and leaders. Since foam products are core important products whereas the piping systems are marketed only. For foam products, it consists of different types of EVA as well as PE foam products.

Our major products are as per following:

Expansion joint filler board aka duraboard hd100 for polymers based variant and bitumen based variants are shalitex boards and jolly boards. Follow above link to explore the in-depth details.

XLPE foam is a crossed link foam. This type of PE foam is the latest product and useful in many applications like cushioning, custruction, packaging, mattersses too.

It is a typical construction industry’s product. It is closed cell foam in rod form. This type of epe rod doesn’t absorb water.

The most famous foam product is useful in so many applications. You will get more information on above product. EVA foam is very reliable in many critical use. One can use in baby mat, floor mat, exercise mat, construction, packaging, and many more.

Latest concept for protecting floors. It consists like foam floor tiles for baby, foam tiles, foam mattress, baby floor mats etc.

Yoga mat is very much common since people are becoming more health conscious. Meditation or yoga offers unparallel benefits which are commandable. Our yoga mats are very cost effective and value for money.

In addition to above for more details please conact us.