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Explained: What is an expansion joint filler board?

What is an expansion joint filler board?

Expansion joint filler board is  pre-moulded, closed cell and of cross linked structure. The joint filler must be enough resistance to concrete load as well as must be compressed and recovered during expansion/contraction of the structure/buildings.

Expansion Joint Filler Board
Expansion Joint Filler board

The purpose of the expansion of expansion joint is to protect the structure from damage due to temperature changes, whereas the purpose of expansion joint filler board is to fill the gap created by expansion joint or isolation joints to avoid any foreign materials get into the gap. The foreign materials might be non-compressible type and lead to neutralize the purpose of the expansion joint. Hence we must fill the expansion joint gap using any “technical correct” materials. Hope you got the basics of the purpose of expansion joint filler boards.

In large structures or buildings an expansion joint is a construction setup which is designed to absorb up the stresses produced by the increased as well as decreased(heat and cold atmosphere effects) temperatures. The goal is simply to keep the overall installation unscathed and impart the safety.

Generally, large buildings for instance flyovers, stadiums, auditoriums, swim pools etc. have very high consequence of summer time heat which in turn causes to expand the construction materials. By the evening or night the structure goes natural cooling and that goes to normal conditions. As a result, in the long run, that makes it much more in danger of breaks or failures of structures, in the extreme cases.

Therefore, it needs expansion joint filler board:

Usually the same phenomenon happens in the winter time and so once again it makes more exposed and vulnerable, in addition it affects the functional life of the buildings. Therefore to extend the life of buildings expansion joint is mandatory to this kind of establishments and large structures.

These expansion joints are filled with some “technically correct” materials so it will not affect the performance of the joint and enhance its life too. Here one purpose to have the filler materials to avoid any falling any foreign materials in the joint. For such purpose you should use our expansion joint filler board. Our brand is KAMPUN HD100 joint filler board. The most advanced filler board is very versatile material and easily replace old and traditional one – bitumen joint filler boards.

Sometimes customers know as shalitex boards or duraboard hd100 as well. In India users term as HD100 joint filler sheets. The 100 denotes the density of the filler sheets, that is generally 100Kg per CuMtr.

A reliable and long-lasting product - duraboard hd100 equivalent

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What are the features and advantages of filler board?

  1. Resilient – Our EJF boards delivers 95% compression recovery after deflection (compression), that it is the most important and excellent attribute for any expansion joint filler boards.
  2. Weathering Effect – Joint filler board is resilient and additionally absolutely does not distort under less load transfer from wet concrete.
  3. Closed cellular composition – Very low water absorption consequently non deteriorating and also resilient
  4. Bitumen free – Non-staining and easy to apply.
  5. Chemically Resistant – to almost all types of acids, alkalies and hydrocarbon group materials.
  6. Simple – Easy to handle, carry, load/unload, install.
    Load absorption is higher and transfers to the structures very little.

What is the use of filler board?

  1. Expansion joints at airport runways and taxi tracks
  2. The next usage are in mall parking lots as well as structures
  3. Furthermore these are applied to Isolation Joints to infill sections
  4. In addition to water-proofing also used in concrete flooring.
  5. Water retaining as well as water eliminating structures
  6. Inter-connecting pathways between buildings
  7. Basements, flyovers as well as subways.
  8. These kind of boards used in concrete roads as well as toll plaza flooring.
  9. Bridges, verandas, abutments and pier hinge joints

Technical Specifications of expansion joint filler board:

Sr.No.PropertyRequirements*Test Method
1Resistance to HandlingNo effect on ordinary handling--
2Recovery90%, MinimumIS 10566
3ExtrusionAmount of extrusion of the free edge shall not exceed 6mmIS 10566
4Water absorption1%, MaximumIS 10566
5Density100+/- 10Kg/M3, MinimumIS 10566

*For detailed testing criteria and product standard BIS has to be consulted.
We have referred IS 1838 Part 3 & ASTM D7174 – 05 for Preformed Closed-Cell Polyolefin Expansion Joint Fillers for Concrete. ASTM D994 is for Preformed Expansion Joint Filler for Concrete (Bituminous Type – like shalitex boards or jollyboard filler). KAMPUN HD100 joint filler also conforms to ASTM D1751.

Expansion joint filler board availability:

The joint filler sheets are available in sheet form normally. Unlike the bitumen joint fillers which are only available in 12mm, 18mm and 25mm thk, our sheets are available in very large range. The normal thickness range from 5mm to 100mm. One ask 23mm thk or 37mm too.

The sheet lengths and widths are available 1000mm x 2000mm, 1200mm x 2400mm, 1200mm x 1800mm, 1500mm x 1600mm,  and many others. We can supply customized thickness and sheet dimensions.

Normally, we supply them in standard black color, though occasionally manufacture in different size and color for unique needs.

Pack: Each bundle has the thickness around 300mm. Therefore 25mm thk sheets packed 12numbers in a bundle. But again this is also changed for some customers’ special requests.

For installation, please visit this link.

In conclusion, we believe this is very latest product with exceptional product features in Indian market as well as many parts of the world. Therefore, we market it with very good prices and terms. For any commercial or technical queries please feel free to contact us.

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