Yoga mat


Yoga mat - made of EVA foam

Yoga mats also known as Fitness Mats or Workout Mats are very useful for several exercises and workouts including yoga.

With modern way of life our physical movements become less in efforts. More classy living makes us more exposed to lifestyle linked diseases like chubbiness, heart related diseases, diabetes mellitus type 2, obstructive sleep apnea,asthma, certain types of cancer and osteo arthritis . Luckily we can prevent them before they arise. For that you have to control diet, in addition to regular physical exercises including yoga or meditations. 

Yoga mat
yoga mat

Our yoga and fitness mat is really what all you will need in yoga and fitness training indoors. The cushioned mat is more for relaxed activity. It ensures that you would not be damaging your knees and feet while you are carrying out your yoga sessions. The mat prevents skidding so user won’t find slipping out of place in the middle of the session. It is strong enough to take the pressure of exercising activities but at the same time soft enough to comfort our joints. The material in use is EVA foam which offers longer shelf life and excellent wear and tear resistance. The ergonomics are very much pleasant and you will fall in love with it.

A product for health conscious users

Yoga makes you more strong mentally

Yoga mat salient features and prices:

Standard Size: 1800mm x 600mm
Normally we suggest 6mm thickness but for other thickness we can offer you more options.
Color: Many colours available
Roll it up and place to store, unroll and use it, very convenient
Manually washable and non-staining
Very attractive along with much comfortable in usage
Number one choice for indoors or open Yoga sessions
It doesn’t absorb the water or any other liquid, hence one can use use in picnic on sea shore too.
We offer very competitive prices for OEM customers as well as individual users too. Please contact us for further details about selling prices.

Packing per pack depends on the quantity of the requirements. If you need in bulk we pack them in 20 pieces per bundle. But this is regular practice we can change it as per our convenience or as per the transportation easiness.

Advantages of yoga mat

Available in many colours, different thickness too.

Very easy in usage: Simply roll out for use and once finished, just roll up.

Just roll up Kampun yoga mat easily and needs very less storage space.

Useful for exercises at home, gym, open space yoga performances.

Very economical and affordable

To pack and unpack the mat is very easy and convenient.

Need Help With Yoga Mat For Customization Or Bulk Requirements? We Are Experts!