Expansion Joint filler board – KAMPUN HD100 boards Vs Bitumen impregnated board

As already explained in details about HD100 joint filler board here but one has an obvious question about what is the major differences between the modern polymers based joint filler board and the bitumen impregnated filler board. We have covered major points which are visibly understandable by normal users. Kampun provide both types of joint filler boards but it is the customers’ call to choose from.

We supply bitumen impregnated boards normally in the projects where it is rare possibilities to change the specifications in the last moments. As expected customers started moving towards the polymers based filler boards to meet technical as well as commercial gains.

Sr. No.Property/BenefitsKampun HD100 Joint FillerBitumen Impregnated Filler Board
1Manufactured fromSpecial grade of PolymersBitumen + Composites + some additives
2Product Handling lossNILConsiderable, if not careful
3Structure and implicationsClosed Cell Structure and that will not allow water absorptionNot Closed cell structure and that results in very high water absorption
4LifeToo longToo short
5UV stabilityYesNot sure
6Resistance to Bacterial /Fungal growthYesNo or not sure
7WeightVery lightComparatively heavier
8Cost to customersIn terms of overall cost, very much economicalMore due to shorter life.Life is shorter due to Water absorption, non-UV stability, somewhat brittle type nature.
9Product sizesKampun HD100 boards are available in different sizes to customers to select from:1200mm x 2400mm, 1200x1800mm, 1500x1600mm, 1000x2000mm & moreTraditionally bitumen impregnated board is produced only in one size normally – 1220mm x 1220mm
10Stains during applyingNeverYes, may be.
11Cutting & Installing
Kampun EJF HD100 is very easy to install
12Compression recovery> 95% normally.70% or less
13Overall ratingExcellent product with latest approach in enhancing its properties to meet civil engineering’s requirements.Bituminous joint filler is considered as conventional product and need to rethink to use it for its some drawbacks.
Learn the difference between HD100 joint filler board and bitumen joint filler board. Source: hd100.in