FloorProtect Sheets

Eva Floor mat or Floor Protect or Floor Guard Sheets

Eva floor mat protection sheets are made of polymers. Floor Protect has very large scope of applications. This is a EVA foam group product typically very advance and is the latest trend setting product for keeping project sites, under construction premises clean and secure from damage. This foam based protection sheet replaces traditional products like papers, clothes, POP etc. Due to its longer life it can be useful for repeated usages.

Following are the salient features :

  • Closed cell foam structure, as a result negligible water or vapour absorption
  • Extraordinary compression strength
  • Soft and attractive surface
  • Inert to major acids and alkalies, therefore excellent chemical resistance
  • Rot proof & micro-organism resistant
  • Washable with water manually
  • Non staining foam
  • Exposure to sunlight is OK, hence, UV resistance foam
  • Light weight, easy to handle and install


  • Heavy engineering workshop floor, tools room flooring
  • Useful in keeping job site safe and clean as a result helping to craftsman, construction sites
  • Foam floor tiles baby products
  • Foam tiles
  • During repairs it protects walkways and decks
  • Hardwares store room as well as mould shop carpet area
  • Non absorbing layer therefore useful for painting walls and cover the floors.
  • Loading and unloading area.


  • Thickness: Normally 1.5mm to 25mm thk. For majority customers demand 1.5mm thk.
  • Colour: Normally black, customised colours available on requests
  • Size: Sheets normally 1200 x1800mm, customised sizes are also available

Most noteworthy, it is very less costly but without its usage costlier premises can be vunerable to damage. Therefore we recommend to go for it. Save your project work from damage. The most important is you can reuse in next project too. So contact us now!