What is Expansion Joint Filler Board

Expansion joint filler boards are  pre-moulded, high performance joint filler board. They are closed cell and of cross linked structure, eventually restricts foreign particles to enter the joint. The joint filler must be enough resistance to concrete load as well as must be compressed and recovered during expansion/contraction of the structure/buildings. The purpose of the expansion of expansion joint is to protect the structure from damage due to temperature changes, whereas the purpose of expansion joint filler board is to fill the gap created by expansion joint or isolation joints to avoid any foreign materials get into the gap. The foreign materials might be non-compressible type and lead to neutralize the purpose of the expansion joint. Hence we must fill the expansion joint gap using any “technical correct” materials. Hope you got the basics of the purpose of expansion joint filler boards.

What are properties of expansion joint filler board:

The latest compressible filler board is based on polymers and is a “Cross Linked Closed Cell Polymer sheets”. In India it is also known as HD100 joint filler sheets. The 100 refers to the density of the filler sheets, which is 100Kg per CuMtr. Our brand name is KAMPUN HD100 joint filler boards.

  • It is non-staining and has excellent compression recovery, at least 95% of original thickness.
  • Kampun expansion joint filler boards have very good chemical resistance; mostly all weak to moderate acids.
  • Decay proof and micro-organism resistant.
  • Easy to use – It is very easy to work with and to install it.
  • Being a polymer product it permits weather cycle with minimum load transfer to the structures.
  • All weather proof – summer, winter as well as monsoon.
  • Due to its closed cell structure it has extremely low water absorption thus non-deteriorating and long life.

Our product conforms to IS 1838 Part 3 & ASTM D7174 – 05 for Preformed Closed-Cell Polyolefin Expansion Joint Fillers for Concrete.

Availability of joint filler board:

Sheets thickness: 5mm to 100mm thickness

Sheet sizes: 1000mm x 2000mm, 1200mm x 2400mm, many customised sizes also available.

More details are available at this page, or alternately you can contact us.