EVA foam sheets

KAMPUN Ethylene-vinyl acetate foam sheets

EVA foam sheets

Ethylene vinyl acetate foam or EVA Foam is an elastomeric polymer foam. Our foam which offers “rubberish” in softness as well as flexibility. Sometimes people call EVA Foam as expanded rubber or foam rubber too. This product has good gloss, lower temperature toughness, stress crack resistant, waterproof properties, in addition to resistance to ultra violate rays. It is one of the most famous foam for its wide range usages. Though we consider it as low cost foam for superior performance.

We care for the environment and produce them using non-harmful gases. Our plant use latest equipment and machines to reduce the energy loss. It has very less volatile organic compounds and hence useful in variety of solutions.


EVA foam - EVA floor mat
EVA Floor mat
An export quality product for versatile usages

The Product excellence redefined

Features and advantages of EVA Foam sheets:

  1. Closed cell foam structure hence it is flexible, light weight, resilient
  2. More number of cycles shock absorption capacity that results in better performance
  3. You can cut using normal kitchen knife as a result easy to cut.
  4. Excellent thermal insulations
  5. Simple to use foam
  6. Multi purpose material for industrial as well as home living usage
  7. Large selection base among colours, sizes, thickness as well as densities.

Applications of EVA Foam sheets:

  1. Packaging industries, to pack equipments and tools.
  2. Sports goods, sports facilities floors for special needs and swimming pools.
  3. Gym floor, floor mattress
  4. Machines’ foundation
  5. Yoga mats, exercise mat as well as footwears.
  6. Automobile sector involves car interiors, gaskets, seats and other fixtures.
  7. Sound insulations.
  8. Expansion joint filler boards in construction
  9. Heat insulations, foam toys and foam puzzle, puzzle mat games.
  10. Sunlight protective hat, toilet seat covers as well as door mats.
  11. Mouse pads, display boards for advertising and corners for packing.
  12. Baby foam mat

Supplies availability:

Thickness ranges from 2mm to 100mm

Sheet sizes: 1200mm x 1800mm, 1500mm x 1600mm and 1mtr x 2mtr.

In addition, we supply in rolls form too for less thickness.

We can produce in different densities and hardness for specific requirements. As a standard practice, we supply EVA foam in 70-80Kg/CubMtr. Customised densities available.

Colours: The variety of uses like toys, puzzle games, yoga mats etc need diverse types of colours and therefore we do use majority of colours.

We produce and supply non standard thickness, sheet sizes and colors.

Packing: Normally we pack each bundle in the thickness of 300mm.

In overall, count on us for any requirements of EVA foam sheets for top quality expectations, timely delivery and value for money. So contact us now!

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